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for an exceptional cutting experience

At Dovan Scissors, the passion for beauty and the art of haircuts evolved into a real business after a long period of study and research.

We are proud to present to you our innovative concept regarding the blades used for our scissors.

After years of research, testing and continuous improvement, we have been able to develop cutters that redefine the standard in the profile industry. Each Dovan scissor is equipped with advanced cutting technology unique in the world, providing an exceptional trimming experience.

Some reasons to choose DOVAN SCISSORS products:

Variation and Accuracy

Our concept covers a wide range of cutting edges

These technical data are exclusively valid for our range of products

Quality with every edge

We pride ourselves on our high standard of quality and innovation. Every Dovan scissors is the result of our passionate work and commitment to providing beauty professionals with the highest quality tools.

Every cutting edge and every product bearing the Dovan emblem has been tested by professionals in the most prestigious academies internationally.

Convex Edge

Remarkable Versatility: the Convex ( all around ) blade is known for its ability to make fine push cuts. This makes each cut like a true work of art, with soft details and elegant lines.

Exceptional Accuracy: Beauty professionals appreciate this type of convex blade because it leaves no marks between cuts.

High Durability: Convex blade is designed to withstand long use without compromising the quality of the cut. This durability makes it a reliable partner for those looking for constant performance over time, up to 800 hours of operation between services.

Semiconvex Edge

Fine cut: the Semiconvex blade is designed to combine the qualities of a convex blade with the robust strength of a beveled blade. These characteristics make it suitable for technical cutting and "scissor over comb" (S.O.C).

Reliable Performance: whether you're working with fine hair or denser textures, the Semiconvex blade adapts easily, offering reliable performance in any situation. Professionals appreciate the flexibility and consistency of this technical blade.

Perfect Balance: every scissor equipped with the Semiconvex blade is designed to have a perfect balance between precision and power. This balance is essential to provide a comfortable and controlled experience while trimming.

Exceptional Durability: Semiconvex blade is built to withstand wear and tear, up to 800 hours of operation between services. and keep the cutting quality over time. Every cut is consistent and every detail is precisely defined, thanks to the exceptional qualities of this blade.

Beveled Edge

Efficiency in General Technical Haircut: The Beveled edge is designed to provide maximum efficiency in trimming on the comb. Regardless of hair length or texture, this blade guillotines and requires extra care as it can leave marks between cuts.

Ease of Handling: With a simple and straight edge profile, the beveled is easy to use. Professionals appreciate this feature for the precision and control it provides while trimming.

Versatility Without Compromise : The Beveled cutter is known for its versatility in different cutting techniques. It is a reliable partner in tackling different hair styles and textures, allowing for precise control and exceptional adaptability.

Durability and Simplicity: Built to withstand heavy use, the Beveled edge stands out for its durability over time and ease of use. It maintains optimal quality over time, up to approximately 1000 hours of use before the first service, making it the perfect choice for professionals looking for reliable performance.


Exceptional Accuracy: The V-shaped cutting edge of Dovan scissors ensures exceptional precision with every cut. This unique edge in the world ensures a precise and controlled experience.

Perfect uniformity: V-shaped design allows for even and accurate cuts. The hair is precisely cut along the entire length of the blade, resulting in an even and well-defined appearance.

Advanced technology: The V EDGE cutter integrates advanced technology to ensure effortless cutting and perfect results. It is designed to cope with different textures and hair types, offering flexibility and superior performance, especially for finishing haircuts.

High efficiency: Efficiency in precise and fast hair cutting makes the V EDGE blade a favorite tool for professionals. It is perfect for creating details and finishing exterior shapes with great precision.

Flat Super Edge

Smooth and Uniform Cut: With the Flat Super Edge, you'll experience a smooth and even cut, regardless of hair texture or length. This blade is designed to glide smoothly through the hair, providing consistent, aesthetic and precise results.

No Extra Effort: Flat Super Edge models significantly simplify the process of finishing haircuts, reducing the effort required to achieve flawless results. This unique, Dovan blade does not require excessive pressure, making cutting more efficient and comfortable.

Precision in Every Cut: Flat Super Edge delivers precision with every move. It is ideal for those looking to achieve excellence in detail and define the outline of haircuts with precision.

Durable Performance: Flat Super Edge offers you a quality experience, strength and durability over time. This blade maintains its performance even under conditions of intensive use for approximately 600 hours until the first service, being a reliable partner for professionals.

Take the art of hair cutting to another level with Dovan Scissors and feel the difference each cut makes.

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