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About Us

Dovan Scissors - from passion to business.

The Dovan brand was born from a passion for quality and obtaining high-precision shears.

With an experience of over 20 years in the field of hair styling, since 2010 I started to study how I could make hair scissors that would meet the needs of all stylists, even the most demanding ones.

After 10 years of study, I managed in 2020 to design and build all the equipment necessary to create my unique blades, so appreciated in the world.

The first products made started the success of DOVAN.

Positive feedbacks and customer satisfaction encourage me to continue this mission with the same passion and dedication.

With friendship,

Nelu Moldovan

Dovan Scissors

Reliable partner in the world of precision haircuts

Since the beginning, we, Dovan Scissors, have consolidated our position as a leader in the profile industry by being one of the most innovative in Europe, through the outstanding quality of the products, through active involvement in supporting and promoting artists, sponsoring prestigious events , both nationally and internationally

In the years 2021, 2022 and 2023, we were invited to be the main partner of some of the most famous competitions in Romania, contributing to the development and highlighting of excellence in the industry.

Internationally, we were happy to sponsor one of the most prestigious competitions on the world map, the International Precision Cutting Championship.

This active involvement in top competitions and events is an expression of our mission to promote excellence and innovation in precision hairdressing. Dovan Scissors not only offers the highest quality tools, but also invests in the community of professionals who make a difference in this field.

We at Dovan Scissors remain committed to providing the highest quality products and supporting the development of hairdressing professionals as ever.

Every time you choose Dovan Scissors, you choose to be part of a community passionate about performance.

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