White Line DV550- Black Edition V EDGE 5.5 INCH

1.195,00 Ron


Within just a few months of its launch, DV550BE it has become a "Must Have" and a large part of the most influential educators in the field and not only, use it for technical haircuts and perfect details.

This PREMIUM model is inspired by the shape of a fighter plane, it is made of a special and unique alloy, containing rare metals such as Vanadium 0.305% and Molybdenum 0.906%. The resulting Special Steel is ZDF AG16 Premium with a concentration of 1.486% Cobalt, and is equivalent in properties to the well-known exotic metal Takefu-VG10.

The handles in the standard version are Symmetrical and Anatomical 3D, but we can have them on request.
modify to become more ergonomic (Offset or Semi-Offset).

The cut is straight and precise, meaning that the actual hair push rate falls below the 5% threshold.


Cutting: V EDGE of high precision
Handles: 3D Twisted-Symmetrical
Size: 5.5 inch / 13.97 cm
Blade length: 2.35"(5.98 cm)
Weight: 46.80 gr (1.65 oz) gr
Blades: Type X-Finesse with V EDGE
Hair: Wet and Dry
Bearing: NMB
Work: Manual
Material: ZDF AG16 Premium Cobalt
Hardness: 60-61 HRC (actual hardness)


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