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Regular service extends the life of your scissors.

A well-maintained of yout scissors not only increases your efficiency, but also extends the life of your essential work tool. We offer you some useful tips for proper maintenance so that your scissors remain efficient and durable over time.

Daily Cleaning:

Wash under running water: Regularly rinse the scissors under running water. You can also use a little detergent to remove the residue.

Disinfection with sanitary alcohol: For proper hygiene, use exclusively sanitary alcohol (spirit) for disinfection.

Oil lubrication: A drop of oil applied to the pivot area, after it has been degreased with detergent, maintains the fluidity of the movement.

Avoid Using:

Autoclave: Do not use the autoclave for sterilization as it may damage the blade and metal components.

Harmful chemicals: Avoid the use of any chemical substances except sanitizing alcohol.

Recommendations for Storage:

Special bags or covers with individual compartments: To prevent direct contact between scissors, store them in special bags or covers with individual pockets.

Avoid supports with plastic wires: Holders that have plastic threads can put pressure on the blade, changing its shape and affecting cutting ability.

Do not use rigid leather or imitation sheaths: Inserting scissors into rigid sheaths may affect their alignment and bowing.

Important Recommendations:

Discontinue work immediately with damaged scissors.

Send any dropped, chipped, or defective scissors into service for inspection and repair.

By maintaining these practices you will benefit from an optimal cutting experience, but at the same time you will extend the useful life of the scissors.

Dovan Scissors - Service Unit validated as one of the best

We guarantee quality every time.

In the Dovan Scissors workshop we are committed to offering you services at the highest existing standards

Why choose the Dovan sharpening service?

We are collaborating with Top Global Hair-Educators and constantly keep in touch with them to develop new types of scissors and edges for those who are looking for excellence in haircutting

We list a few stages through which a scissor goes through in our service:


Please note that sharpening your scissors by a company other than Dovan Scissors may result in decreased performance and will void your WARRANTY

To send the hair scissors for service, please keep a few things in mind:


The cost is 180 Ron, VAT included, for DOVAN scissors and other brands.

The service charge does not cover round trip shipping costs

The estimated delivery time is 5-7 working days from the date of receipt of the package in the workshop.

These rates apply to customers in Romania.

For customers in the EU or other countries, please contact us for the price for return shipping.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who use our services on a regular basis and we would be honored to have you become our customer.

Professional Service:

If you feel your scissors need an overhaul or you're having trouble, we're here to help. Use the contact form or call us by phone to send us the necessary details and to initiate the inspection, maintenance or service process.

Technical Dept

Nelu Moldovan

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